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Our Most Common Repairs

Computer not turning on? Blank Screen or you got the dreaded Blue Screen? Printer not responding? Internet not working? Runs hot? We can do a 10 step diagnostic to figure it out!


Want to make your computer faster? Boots in seconds rather then minutes! Night and Day Difference! We can Upgrade your Hard Drive to a fast SSD while keeping your data intact!


Want to add more storage to your computer? Keep getting low disk warnings? We can Upgrade or add a Hard Drive to get rid of those annoying messages while keeping your data intact!


Hard Drive Upgrade

Password Removal

Don't remember your password? Your kid got a hold of your laptop and locked you out again? Things happen and we can help you get back into your computer!


Just bought a Computer from a friend or someone on Craigslist? We can reinstall it like it's brand new from the store! We will setup all the necessary drivers and plugins to get you up and running!


Windows Reinstall

Charging Jack Repair

Tripped on your laptop charger and took your laptop down as well? We can replace the charging port no matter how  bad with a new one! We've seen it all!


Having a lot of pop-ups lately? Your kid got a hold of your laptop? We can remove any malware or viruses and provide you with a solution to help prevent malware again!


Is your computer booting up or running slowly? Always seeing the spinning dots or the hourglass? We can perform a full 18 step Tune-up to get your computer working faster!


Is your battery low? Is your laptop dying at inconvenient times? If you notice your battery life is lasting under an hour we can replace your battery at a starting price of $40.

Starting $40 +

Battery Replacement

optimized batter-replacement.png

Got an annoying crack in your screen? Is your screen just not responding anymore? Are there lines across the screen? Or is there random dark spots? We can replace your LCD screen at a starting price of $80!

Starting $80+

Is the screen on your laptop too loose or a little too tight? Is it just completely broken? If you notice the screen is moving in a way it should not then come on in and we'll take a look at it.

Starting $80 +

Hinge Replacements


We do re-soldering, chip replacements, motherboard replacements, ram upgrades, and more! Please call us to discuss your needs!


We repair many more issues!

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