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Our Most Common Repairs

Don't remember your password? Your kid got a hold of your laptop and locked you out again? Things happen and we can help you get back in!


Password Removal

Password Removal

Mac not turning on? Blank Screen or you get a question mark? Booting up takes forever? Internet not working? Runs hot? We can do a 10 step diagnostic to figure it out!


Reinstall Mac OS


Just bought a Mac from a friend or someone on Craigslist? We can reinstall it like its brand new from the store! We will setup all the necessary drivers and plugins to get you up and running!


Having a lot of pop-ups lately? Your kid got a hold of your laptop? We can remove any malware and provide you with a solution to help prevent malware again!


Hard Drive Upgrade

Hard Drive Upgrade

Want to add more storage to your Mac? Keep getting low disk warnings? We can Upgrade or Add a Hard Drive and get rid of those annoying messages while keep your data intact!


Is your MacBook's LCD screen not working? Does it have lines going across the screen? Or random black dots? Come on in and we can replace your MacBook's screen at a starting cost of $60!

Starting$60 for labor

LCD Replacements


Battery Replacement


Want to add more battery life to your Macbook? Does its charge last under an hour? We can replace your Macbook's battery at a starting price of $75!


Accidentally spilled liquids on your Macbook? Kids weren't being too careful around it? We can help you out with water damage at a starting cost of $80 cleaning fee.

Starting$80cleaning fee

Keyboard Replacement


Is your Macbook's keyboard not responding? Is a few of its keys not working or missing? We can replace or fix your keyboard at a starting cost of $150!


We do re-soldering, chip replacements, motherboard replacements, ram upgrades, and more! Please call us to discuss your needs!


We repair many more issues!

Computer repair
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